Excel Ready To Use Chemistry
Packaged 2 Gal Developer & 2 Gal Fixer
Ready To Use With Automatic Film Processors. Pre-diluted, Color Coded, Simply Open The Bottle And Add To
Your Film Processor. Ensures Cleared Films, Cleaner Working Processor, Excellent Resistance To Oxidation,
Environmentally Friendly- Non-hazardous.

IFP Developer & IFP Fixative
Packaged 2 Gal Developer & 2 Gal Fixative
Developer And Fixative For Instant Film Processing. Pre-diluted, Ready To Use For Hand Tank Rapid And Endo
Film Development In Less Than 60 Seconds.

IFP Endo Pak Pint Set
Packaged 1 Pint Developer & 1Pint Fixative
Pre-Diluted, Ready To Use, For Chair Side Endo Processing. Formulated To Provide Archival X-rays For All
X-ray Films In Less Than 60 Seconds.

Dent-X Easy Clean Processor Transport Powder
Packaged 12 X 116 Grams/packet Or 48 Packets /case
A General Purpose X-ray Processor Cleaner That Is Environmentally Safe And Easy To Use. Effective In
Cleaning The Accumulated Residue On Developer, Fixer Tanks And Wash Roller Transports.

Dent-X Excel Concentrate Dental Evacuation System Cleaner
Packaged 4 X ½ Gallon Bottles & 1 Calibrated Pump
For Wet And Dry Vacuum Systems, Non-foaming And Safe For Amalgam Separators And Septic Systems.
Dispenser Attaches Onto The Half-gallon Bottle For Measuring. One Pump Stroke Makes 1 Liter Of Cleaner

Excel Dental Evacuation System Cleaner

Dent-X Excel & IFP Chemistry